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Kakheti is a land where wisdom goes hand in hand with progress. It's delicious, warm and sincere! 

During the tour, we will see with you the 50-meter pointed dome of St. George Alaverdi Cathedral, built in the 10th century AD. This is a unique building founded by Joseph Alaverdeli, one of the 13 Syrian founders of Georgian monasticism. In whose honor the cathedral is named.
From the beauty of nature, around the cathedral, your soul will tremble. And after his visit, your thoughts will rise.

Around the complex you will see the cultivated vineyards from which the monastery wine is made.

We will visit a winery producing biodynamic wine grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, where we will taste it.

And we will also see and learn the history of the house of Prince Chavchavadze in Tsinandali. The house was raided and burned to the ground several times, but it was always rebuilt afterwards. And that makes the tour quite exciting! 

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Tour Schedule
What is INCLUDED in the price
What is NOT included in the price

Tour Schedule

Day 1

09:00 Departure from Tbilisi

10:30 Stop at the Gombori Pass

12:00 Lunch in Telavi

13:00 Departure to Tsinandali

13:30 Visit to the house of the museum of Prince Chavchavadze

15:00 Departure towards Alaverdi Monastery

15:30 Visit to the monastery

17:00 Visit to the winery for the production of biodynamic wine, wine tasting

19:00 Departure to Tbilisi

21:00 arrival in Tbilisi

What is INCLUDED in the price

  • Transfer
  • Dinner and supper
  • Guide
  • Present
  • Security (Optional)

What is NOT included in the price

  • Wine tasting
  • Museum tickets
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